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Macro Photography Articles

Suggested topics:

  • How to get in close using macro lenses, extension tubes, diopters, reversed lenses, etc.
  • How to shoot snakes. (Tom Hicks)
  • How to shoot insects with a point & shoot camera. (tchuanye)
  • How to shoot 3D macros. (LordV, FM thread)
  • How to shoot wasps. (coder)
  • How to use your aperture to paint your backgrounds.
  • How to incoporate the environment into your macro photos.
  • How to shoot with a reversed 50.
  • How to shoot dew droplets.
  • How to create a mini macro studio.
  • How to shoot insects in-flight.
  • Which macro lens is best?
  • Which focal length lenses are best?
  • If a zoom lens says "macro", is it really a macro lens?
  • What lighting options are available?